Course Title Course Code Program Level
Media Literacy GKS011 English Language Teaching (Starting from 2018-2019 Academic Year) B.A. / B.Sc.

Course Term
(Course Semester)
Teaching and Learning Methods
Theory Practice Lab Projects/Field Work Seminars/Workshops Other Total Credits ECTS Credits
28 - - - - 60 88 2 3

Teaching Staff Öğrt.Gör. Elif Akyol Emmungil
Language of Instruction Türkçe (Turkish)
Type Of Course Elective
Prerequisites -
Recommended Optional Programme Component -
Course Objectives Gaining media literacy knowledge and skills in students.
Course Content
Learning Outcomes (LO) The students who attends and are successful at the end of semester will acquire the followings: 1. Literacy and the 21st century. Can define Media Literacy. 2. Knows the principles, models, theories and approaches of media literacy. 3. Can define the stakeholders in media literate. 4. Knows the media literacy process in Turkey. 5. Can associate media literacy with digital game, cyberbullying and social media. 6. Explain the relationship between media literacy and concepts such as copyright, personality right and ethics. 7. The language of news about children, women and parents in the press can be evaluated within the scope of media literacy.
Mode of Delivery Face to face
Course Outline
Week Topics
1. Week Course content and introduction
2. Week Literacy 21st century. Media Literacy
3. Week Media Literacy Principles
4. Week Conditions That Make Media Literacy Important
5. Week Media Literacy Models
6. Week Theories and Approaches
7. Week Stakeholder Collaboration and Key Criteria in Media Literacy
8. Week Midterm Examination
9. Week Pedagogy
10. Week Media Literacy Movement in Turkey
11. Week Digital Games, Violence and Cyber Bullying
12. Week Copyright, Personality, Ethics
13. Week Media Literacy in MEB schools
14. Week Media Literacy in the Classroom: Sample Activities
Mid-term (%) 40
Quizes (%) -
Homeworks/Term papers (%) -
Practice (%) -
Labs (%) -
Projects/Field Work (%) -
Seminars/Workshops (%) -
Final (%) 60
Other (%) -
Total(%) 100
Course Book (s) and/or References Bostancı, M.(2019).Medya Okuryazarlığı. Ankara: Nobel Sezer, N.(tarihsiz). Medya Okuryazarlığı: E-kitap: İstanbul Üniversitesi MEB-RTÜK(2006) ilköğretim medya okuryazarlığı dersi öğretim programı ve kılavuzu. Ankara Articles and files shared within the Moodle course
Work Placement(s)
The Relationship between Program Qualifications (PQ) and Course Learning Outcomes (LO)