Vocational School of Health

General Information

Ufuk University Vocational School of Health Services was established by the 05.21.2007 dated approval of the Higher Education Council, in concordance with the articles 7/d-2 and 7/h of the Higher Education Act with the Law Number 2547. The Vocational School of Health Services started its educational activities with 57 students and 4 programs, namely “Aid First and Emergency”, “Anesthesia”, “Medical Laboratory Techniques”, and “Physiotherapy” during the academic year 2007-2008. With the addition of the program of “Medical Imaging Techniques” and the program of “Elderly Care” in 2011 and the program of “Operating Room Services” and the program of  “Electroneurophysiology” in 2013, the “Vocational School of Health Services” is currently continuing its educational activities with 573 students and 8 programs.

The two year associate degree in the Vocational School of Health Services is provided with contributions of 5 associate professors, 11 assistant professors, 1 specialist, 5 staff members who also act as advisers and 1 lecturer. Courses in the fields of medicine, behavioral sciences and social sciences which are common with other programs of Ufuk University are presented by the faculty members of the relevant faculties and departments. The students of our Vocational School of Health Services have the opportunity of performing their hands on activities during their practical courses which are predominantly given during year 2 of the programs, in several locations such as the Clinical Skills Laboratories of our School of Medicine, the outpatient and inpatient clinics of Ufuk University Dr. Rıdvan Ege Hospital, the Emergency Medical Services stations and various different hospitals during summertime training.

Ufuk University Vocational School of Health Services is continuing to provide the vocational skills courses with its experienced staff and its main mission is to raise well-qualified medical technicians who are continuously more and more sought after in the evolving and changing field of the healthcare sector. Our graduates have the opportunities of getting employed in government agencies as medical technicians subject to Law Number 657 on Civil Servants or finding positions in private enterprises’ healthcare facilities.

Programme Director

Doç. Dr. Sibel Serin Kılıçoğlu