Recognition of Prior Learning

For the students willing to do internal transfer to Ufuk University, “Regulations regarding transfer between Associate and Undergraduate Programs, double major, subbranch, and credit transfer between institutions” is implemented.

Transfer between diploma programs of different colleges or diploma programs in the same college is possible only under the limit of the quota and regulations to be announced prior to the submission.

The criteria that will be used in evaluating internal transfer submissions are determined by the Senate of Ufuk University.

Preliminary submitions assessment is conducted, in line with the principles determined by the senate and commissions founded by the administration.

Submissions of the candidates are evaluated according to their GPA, the central placement point and the grades they received from the common courses in the target department and are admitted to the relevant program according to the quota and the criteria determined by the Senate of Ufuk University.

Internal transfer is not possible during the first and last term of associate degree programs and first and last two terms of undergraduate programs.

Internal transfer can be done in accordance with the quota determined by the concerning administration of a faculty, college, conservatoire or vocational school equivalent with diploma programs, or to a faculty, college, conservatoire or vocational school in the same university.

Relevant commissions assess the courses that the student took in prior semesters identify which class or semester the student will be accepted to and determinee the additional courses and the courses the student is to be exempted from, if the need for it arises.

For internal transfer to english medium colleges, it is a must to successfully pass the foreign language proficiency exam of the concerning college, or document the result of an internationally accepted foreign language exam, with the required point that the institution determined .

Quota is spared in undergraduate programs for the graduates of a vocational school, as long as the program is a continuation of theirs.

Quotas are reserved at undergraduate programs in order for vocational school graduates to make external transfer to the undergraduate programs which are similar to their undergraduate programs; the relevant criteria and quota for which is determined and announced by the council of higher education in light of the opinions and suggestions of the universities to which transfer is possible.


Each year, Assessment Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) prepares a guide that presents the undergraduate programs for external transfer, their admission requirements and quotas to which vocational school graduates, The Open University associate degree graduates and senior students at that year who fulfill the graduation conditions except the internship, can apply the condition of these programs and the number of students accepted to these programs. The candidates are taken to an exam comprised of verbal and quantitative parts. In placement, the candidate's scores obtained from the exam and academical grade point average acquired from vocational school programs are taken into account. The calculation of the External Transfer Exam score is specified in the External Transfer Exam Guide by adding Weighted Associate Degree Composite score attained from academic grade point average to the exam scores by Assessment Selection and Placement Center. The students who are qualified to start their undergraduate studies placed in the preparatory school programsat their universities.


Students who have completed at least one semester in a postgraduate program that is connected to an equivalent institute of another higher education institution or another department of the same institute in the university, can be accepted to higher education programs through undergraduate transfer. In order for a student's application for the undergraduate transfer to be accepted, it is necessary that his/her weighted composite score is at least 75 from the courses he/she had enrolled until the day of application, that there should be a unity in terms of the courses at least %70 and admission requirements between the graduate program that he/she is still continuing and the program he/she wants to transfer. Moreover, there should be a faculty member who can undertake the thesis consultancy in the related deprtment and lab opportunities as well.


A student who wants to make an internal transfer to a postgraduate program of the university should apply to the institution management at least 3 weeks before the date of the following semester with the documents that show the program he/she is continuing and that show his/her success level into his/her letter of application. The institution manager sends application documents to the department or to the head of the department asking for the names of the necessary courses for the student's adaptation to the program if the view of the head of the department is positive in terms of the conditions in first item of the article. By analyzing views and suggestions in the Institution Management, the decision about whether the student is suitable for the postgraduate transfer is made before the start date of the education program.


Erasmus Students: Erasmus is a program that is composed  to promote the coordination among the higher education institues. Within the context of this programme, the higher education institues are given financial aid to produce and implement common projects with each other and to exchange students and academic personal for a short period of time. In accordance with Erasmus programme, the exchange students can attend classes for one or two semesters at the European university which has an agreement with their own universities. Furthermore, the cooperation and coordination among these universities is promoted in order to increase the graduates’ employment opportunities in the world of business.