Course Title Course Code Program Level
Legal Ethics ADA217 Justice Associate Degree

Course Term
(Course Semester)
Teaching and Learning Methods
Theory Practice Lab Projects/Field Work Seminars/Workshops Other Total Credits ECTS Credits
14*2 28 2 3

Teaching Staff Dr.Öğr.Üyesi F. Elif ÇELİK
Language of Instruction Türkçe (Turkish)
Type Of Course Elective
Recommended Optional Programme Component
Course Objectives Legal ethics, fundamental principles of legal ethics, loyalty to the profession, ethics in professional life, and unethical practices, professional corruption are course objectives.
Course Content Aim of this course is understanding ethics as a concept, and in this regard gaining basic information about the principles of legal ethics.
Learning Outcomes (LO) 1. Gaining knowledge about ethics and legal ethics as a concept. 2. Gaining knowledge about ethics on professional practices.
Mode of Delivery Face to face
Course Outline
Week Topics
1. Week Conceptual basis
2. Week Ethical thought
3. Week Ethical thought and decent practices
4. Week Legal ethics
5. Week Importance of ethics and ethics in public sector
6. Week Public ethics
7. Week Human rights
9. Week Public ethics and human rights
10. Week Right of fair trial
11. Week Legislation of legal ethics
12. Week Legislation of legal ethics - Public Workers Ethic Board
13. Week Ethics Board and Ethics agreement
14. Week Ethical code of conduct
Mid-term (%) 40
Quizes (%)
Homeworks/Term papers (%)
Practice (%)
Labs (%)
Projects/Field Work (%)
Seminars/Workshops (%)
Final (%) 60
Other (%)
Total(%) 100
Course Book (s) and/or References
Work Placement(s)
The Relationship between Program Qualifications (PQ) and Course Learning Outcomes (LO)