Course Title Course Code Program Level

Course Term
(Course Semester)
Teaching and Learning Methods
Theory Practice Lab Projects/Field Work Seminars/Workshops Other Total Credits ECTS Credits
28 14 40 56 56 194 3 7

Teaching Staff
Language of Instruction Türkçe (Turkish)
Type Of Course Compulsory
Prerequisites No pre-requisite
Recommended Optional Programme Component
Course Objectives Learning about the methods of dealing with problems with multiple variables, and the use of these methods.
Course Content Vector space operations, matrix operations, the meaning of the metric and the distribution of quadratic forms, conditional and marginal distributions, Maximum likelihood estimators, likelihood ratio statistic for mean and distribution have extracted, hypothesis testing, principal components analysis, factor analysis concepts.
Learning Outcomes (LO) Developing skills to solve problems containing more than one variable.
Mode of Delivery Face to face
Course Outline
Week Topics
1. Week Vector space operations
2. Week Matrix operations, eigenvalues, eigenvector decomposition.
3. Week The metric meaning of quadratic the forms and the in drawing as ellipse
4. Week Marginal Distribution
5. Week Conditional Distribution Structure
6. Week Distribution of Quadratic Forms
7. Week The mean vector and variance-covariance matrix estimators for maximum likelihood
8. Week The distribution of sample statistics
9. Week Likelihood ratio and finding the statistic for the mean and the distribution of it
10. Week Hypothesis tests related to the mean when variance-covariance matrix known
11. Week Hypothesis tests related to the mean when variance-covariance matrix unknown
12. Week Principal Component Analysis
13. Week Factor Analysis
14. Week SPSS Applications
Mid-term (%) 40
Quizes (%)
Homeworks/Term papers (%)
Practice (%)
Labs (%)
Projects/Field Work (%)
Seminars/Workshops (%)
Final (%) 60
Other (%)
Total(%) 100
Course Book (s) and/or References 1. Johnson R. A. ve Wichern D. W., 1982, Applied Multivariate Stat. Anal., Prentice Hall. 2. Tatlıdil, H. (1996). Uygulamalı Çok Değişkenli İstatistiksel Analiz., Akademi Matbaası, Ankara. 3. Alpar, R. (1997). Uygulamalı Çok Değişkenli İstatistiksel Yöntemlere Giriş I, Bağırhan Yayınevi, Ankara
Work Placement(s)
The Relationship between Program Qualifications (PQ) and Course Learning Outcomes (LO)