Course Title Course Code Program Level

Course Term
(Course Semester)
Teaching and Learning Methods
Theory Practice Lab Projects/Field Work Seminars/Workshops Other Total Credits ECTS Credits
28 14 72 112 3 4

Teaching Staff EKLENECEK
Language of Instruction Türkçe (Turkish)
Type Of Course Compulsory
Prerequisites None.
Recommended Optional Programme Component
Course Objectives Teaching the modeling and solving of optimum decision problems such as CPM, queues and inventory
Course Content Allocation and assignment problems, CPM and PERT methods, queue models, stock and inventory models, game theory
Learning Outcomes (LO) Student recognize the optimum decision problem, determine the solution methods and interpret the results.
Mode of Delivery Face to face
Course Outline
Week Topics
1. Week Assignment problem and its applications
2. Week Allocation problem and its applications
3. Week Network problems: Definitions and concepts
4. Week Pert - Cpm methods and their applications
5. Week Pert - Cpm methods and their applications
6. Week Queuing problems. Single channel queue model
7. Week Multi channel queue model
8. Week Applications of queuing models
9. Week Introduction to inventory theory
10. Week Inventory models
11. Week Application of inventory models
12. Week Introduction to game theory
13. Week Zero sum games and its application
14. Week General review and discussions
Mid-term (%) 32
Quizes (%) 4
Homeworks/Term papers (%) 4
Practice (%)
Labs (%)
Projects/Field Work (%)
Seminars/Workshops (%)
Final (%) 60
Other (%)
Total(%) 100
Course Book (s) and/or References • Hamdy A. Taha, “Operations Research: An Introduction”, 8th Edition, Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, N.J., 2007. • Frederick S. Hillier ve Gerald J. Lieberman, “Introduction to Operations Research”, 8th Edition, McGraw-Hill, New York, 2005. • Ahmet Öztürk, “Yöneylem Araştırması”, 9. baskı, Ekin Kitabevi, Bursa, 2004. Wayne L. Winston, "Operations Research, Applications and Algorithms", 4th Edition, Duxbury Pres Thomson Learning, Inc., 2004.
Work Placement(s)
The Relationship between Program Qualifications (PQ) and Course Learning Outcomes (LO)