General Registration Procedures

In Ufuk University, every academic year starts on the date that the University Senate determines. One academic year is composed of two semesters (Spring & Fall) each of which consists of sixteen  weeks including the examinations. Students who become entitled to receive education in Ufuk University, enroll between the stated dates every year by preparing the documents necessary for the registration. Every processing related with the university entrance and registration is made by Ufuk University Directorate of Student Affairs.

The students, who have been entitled to have education at Ufuk University, are to perform their registration at the Ufuk University registration office by gathering necessary documents for registration before the announcement of register dates after paying the tuition.

The students, who are in the middle or end of the education, have to renew their registration by choosing their courses according to the Ufuk University educational institution on certain dates. After students pay their tuition to the related bank by stating their identity number, they log in ( with their password and they complete the tasks of choosing courses and renewing their registration.