For Students

As well as the qualified educational institutes, Ufuk university campuses offer students to spend their extracurricular time usefully with multi-purpose culture halls, leisure centers, sports and recreation areas.

These two campuses have large services for the students to get all their needs without going out of campuses.

Our university offers extra curricular time activities for its students with Dr. Rıdvan Ege Hospital, library and documentation center,student dormitories, book-selling centers, internet centers, cafés, semi olympic swimming pool, indoor sports hall, shopping centers in the campus, leisure centers, conference hallfor 500 people- one in İncek and one in Balgat central campus and performance centers.

Balgat Central Campus:  indoor  48059 m2         outdoor   14775 m2

İncek Dr. Rıdvan Ege Campus:  indoor   52598  m2         outdoor  42982  m2

İncek campus is in the distance of 17 km to the city center.Balgat campus-21000 m2   is in the city center.In addition to these two campuses, we have two campuses in the city center.Social and cultural facilities have great importance for Ufuk University.There are sports halls, indoor and outdoor volleyball and basketball pitches, semi olympic swimming pools in Ufuk University.Volleyball, table tennis,chess activities are offered to the students.

Students are helped to make use of their extra curricular time well with concerts, courses, exhibitions, conferences, panels,symposiums,seminars,demonstrations,poem and music listening, trips, traditional  culture and sports festivals.