Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences

General Information

The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences has undergraduate programs in the fields of 'Political Science and International Relations', 'Business Administration', 'International Trade' and 'Management Information Systems'. Students who have completed the English preparatory class in the 'Management Information Systems' section or have passed the exemption examinations in English can start the related undergraduate program in our faculty. Our faculty aims to equip our students with contemporary scientific approaches, research techniques and methods in the fields of economics and administrative sciences and prepare them for work life.

Students graduated from the Business Administration Department have the opportunity to work in public institutions and private sector. While performing production, marketing, management, finance and accounting functions, businesses are always in need of university graduates who have studied business administration. With the growth of the economies, the demand for the business administrators is increasing every year. Business administration graduates have always the opportunity to be employed in this expanding business world. In line with the demands of the business world, undergraduate programs are reviewed each year and lectures are given to top business managers to ensure that their experiences are transferred to the students.

The need for experts trained in international trade is increasing day by day. Along with globalization, international economies have developed and international trade policies have diversified. In the face of this development in the world, more specialization is needed nowadays. The Department of International Trade has been established to meet this need and their graduates have started to work in this field.

Political Science and International Relations Graduates can work as specialist clerks in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or as external affairs experts in the private sector. Our graduates continue their work life as individuals with creative qualities that can communicate with international institutions, plan cooperative activities and have positive contributions to the organization that they work with critical thinking. The most important feature of our department is to serve as the teaching staff of experienced political scientists and diplomats. In this way, our students can communicate individually with experts from within the profession.

When considering the education they receive Management Information Systems graduates can find place in business life as both an entrepreneur and an employee. Graduated students work in various businesses within their own interests. In recent years, they have been employed mostly in banks as well as education and research institutions. In public institutions; they can find a job as qualified officers with their KPSS score. Additionally, our graduates can take all the proficiency examinations related to their profession. Those graduated from our department can be employed in both public institutions and private sector.  

Programme Director

Prof. Dr. Alaattin PARLAKKILIÇ