TUR 102

Course Title Course Code Program Level
TURKISH II TUR 102 Management Information Systems B.A. / B.Sc.

Course Term
(Course Semester)
Teaching and Learning Methods
Theory Practice Lab Projects/Field Work Seminars/Workshops Other Total Credits ECTS Credits
14 14 28 56 0 2

Teaching Staff
Language of Instruction Türkçe (Turkish)
Type Of Course Compulsory
Prerequisites -
Recommended Optional Programme Component
Course Objectives Objectives of the course are: to develop the awareness on Turkish language, to emphasize language-thought linkage, to develop language-thuoght linkage in order to be productive and creative in scientific-technological spheres.
Course Content The course is composed of following topics: characteristics and rules of Turkish Language, basic grammer education, and practice on reading comprehension, writing and speaking
Learning Outcomes (LO) The students who attended the course and were successful at the end of semester will acquire the followings; 1- will be able to have the full command of characterictics and features of Turkish Language, 2- will be able to speak and write Turkish in accurate way, 3- will be able to get the capability of communicating in correct manner in human affairs and professional life, 4- will be able to make the official correspondence infallibly and precisely, 5- will be able to practise oral presentation techniques, 6- will be able to have the full command of interview techniques that will be necessary in professional life.
Mode of Delivery Face to face
Course Outline
Week Topics
1. Week Incomprehensibilities, Pronunciation Mistakes
2. Week Erroneous Language Usage Expedient Word Usage Correct Word Usage in Correct Place of Sentences Official Correspondence and Correspondence Techniques
3. Week Verbal Expressions: Collective Expressions
4. Week Panel, Symposium, Forum (In Applied Manner)
5. Week Open Session, Conversation, Interview (In Applied Way)
6. Week Discussion, Moot
7. Week Literary Expressions
8. Week Official Correspondance and Correspondance Techniques
9. Week Petition, Curriculum Vitae, Application Script
10. Week Report and Reporting Techniques, Types of Report (Examination, Inspection, Research Report)
11. Week Article-Essay-Column
12. Week Critique-Scientific Paper
13. Week Language Usage in Diverse Fields
14. Week General Review
Mid-term (%) 40
Quizes (%)
Homeworks/Term papers (%)
Practice (%)
Labs (%)
Projects/Field Work (%)
Seminars/Workshops (%)
Final (%) 60
Other (%)
Total(%) 100
Course Book (s) and/or References
Work Placement(s)
The Relationship between Program Qualifications (PQ) and Course Learning Outcomes (LO)